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I've paid my whore!

For those in touch with their inner whores!
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Whorism is Love

"Don't become a whore, Asher Lev." -Jacob Kahn, My Name is Asher Lev

"I've paid my whore!" -Christian, Moulin Rouge

"I'd rather be his whore than your wife!" -Rose, Titanic

"I want you- I want you like an animal, or a cat on a fence, or a whore." - Dominique, The Fountainhead

Who knew that these quotes would one day inspire the creation of a philosophy? Oh, but they have. Let us introduce you to Whorism...

Have you often found yourself looking for inspiration and enlightenment and finding them both in quotes with the word whore in them?

...I thought so! You're not alone.

Here at whorists_unite, we search for the meaning of life and a cure for psychosis. We can't help you with the second, but we have searched for the meaning of life and found it in whore quotes, differentiating between whores and WHOREs, staring wistfully at pictures of Ewan McGregor in bed, tromping about in whore boots, and publishing a newsletter every so often to share the new whorists revelations we've come to.

Join us and you too can become a WHORE (Woman High on Rabid Enthusiasm)!

We say the word "whore" a lot. Parental discretion is advised.

All rights belong to clayshobbitlass and azaelilylacia (TM). Ten percent of our nonexistent profits are donated to i_heart_diego and the We Heart Lisa Darling Foundation (for we heart Lisa).
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